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Quantum Prodrive 80AT

Photo: Red Hill.

Quantum Prodrive 80AT

In the early days, Quantum was not the well-respected industry giant it become through the 1990s. This interesting and quite rare early Quantum is a 6 head, half-height 80MB IDE unit.

Like all Quantum drives, it was designed in California but manufactured by Japanese giant Matsushita (a company better known in the west as Panasonic).

The first owner has helpfully recorded the date of purchase: 27th June, 1991. Another hand has scrawled the drive parameters in red texta. 20 years later it still detects correctly and probably still works.

Performance0.38Reliabilityno data
Data rate10 Mbit/secSpin rate3600 RPM
Seek time19msBuffer64k
Platter capacity106.8MBInterfaceIDE
Actuatorvoice coilForm3½" ½ height>
80AT84MB6 thin-film heads