hard drive history

smaller, faster: early 3.5 inch drives

NEC D3146H

Photo: Red Hill.

NEC D3146H

A fairly rare drive, but one of the very best pre-IDE drives around. The 3146 was fast and very reliable. It was the last ST-506 (pre-IDE) drive we ever sold, and was every bit as good as the three early IDE steppers described next.

NEC kept on making pretty nice hard drives, by the way, for a good long while after this; but eventually switched to just manufacturing under license from IBM for a while before giving it up altogether.

Data rate5 Mbit/secSpin rate3600 RPM
Seek time40msActuatorStepper
Platter capacity10.5MBInterfaceMFM
AT drive typeForm3.5" half-height
D3146H40.3MB8 thin-film heads