hard drive history

transition: primitive ide drives

Western Digital 95044A Western Digital 95044A Western Digital 95044A

Photo: Red Hill.

Western Digital 95044A

The 95044A was identical to the 93044A except for a factory-fitted 5.25" mounting bracket, which seemed quite pointless given that fit-any-drive third-party mounting brackets were (and still are) readily available for a few dollars. For some incomprehensible reason, the bracket was designed to be almost impossible to remove without special tools.

Like the Tandon drives before them, the Western Digital 93044A/95044A twins used a peculiar fastening method for the top cover, which was simply clipped on: no screws, no tape, just several small, flimsy spring steel clips.

The resulting seal was not very trustworthy: notice all the foreign material that has entered this drive (freshly opened a few seconds before the photograph was taken).

Also note the black stepper motor at lower right and the rail-mounted head assembly. The old, slow, unreliable stepper drives were about to disappear forever, and these Western Digital units were their not-particularly-grand finale.

Data rate7.8 Mbit/secSpin rate3329 RPM
Seek time28msActuatorStepper
Platter capacity21.6MBInterfaceIDE mode 0
AT drive type17Form3.5" half-height
93044A/95044A43.2MB4 thin-film heads