to buy or ask advice

These pages are not designed for on-line shopping, just for information. We firmly believe in personal, hands-on service. Every part we sell includes fitting at no charge, and we only deal locally. Except in special circumstances, we do not sell parts on the web or by mail-order.


If you can't make it into the shop, phone us on 5332 9486. We are open from 11:00 till 5:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays, and close for lunch between 1:30 and 2:30.

We rarely have time to do electronic quotes. In any case, fax and e-mail are at best poor substitutes for a real face-to-face or telephone conversation. We can cover more ground together in a five minute phone call than is possible in hours of sending and replying to faxes or e-mail.

We are based in Ballarat Australia; that's the Southern Hemisphere. It is pointless to e-mail us for prices if you live in the USA. If you live too far away to conveniently call in to the shop, then you probably live too far away to get proper Red Hill service. Hunt out a good local dealer in your area.

for tech support

If you have a Red Hill system, call us. Red Hill tech support is free and we set no time limit on it. It doesn't matter if your system is six years old: if you bought it from us then we look after it. Please remember that our phone support is only for Red Hill systems and that our expertise is computer hardware: we don't sell software nor, generally speaking, do we try to support it.


We used to provide an email address here. If you used it to send a message, on an average day it could contend for attention with 80 or 180 other items. I feel ashamed every time I think of the hundreds upon hundreds of friendly emails that people sent us over the years that went unanswered. From time to time I would resolve to answer every one in future — but the task was always beyond me, and the pressure of other work (not to mention the relentless barrage of spam) ensured that we didn't even get to read most of them. If you have emailed us and got no reply, we are sorry. In the end, we set aside some new accounts for purely business use and just stopped reading everything else. If you want to contact us, use the telephone.

discussion forum

If you like to chat about computer hardware, old or new, try posting on the Storage Forum, a small, friendly place with an astonishingly well-informed membership. Someone there will always reply and it is rare indeed to find a question that stumps everyone. You won't find a more friendly environment in which to chat about computers (hard drives in particular, of course, but many other things as well). You have to register to post but it is free and only takes a few seconds.