hard drive history

smaller, faster: early 3.5 inch drives

Lapine Titan 3532

Photo: Red Hill.

Lapine Titan 3532

Lapine made modest volumes of very high-quality drives which were presumably quite expensive.

Lapine hard drives were certainly beautifully engineered. Notice the care that has gone into sculpting the casting (upper left) and the unique spring-loaded brass rods (centre) which lift the heads safely off the surface to provide a shock resistance system which was not matched by the mainstream brands until early the following century.

Surviving documentation on the Lapine models is sparse: my assumption is that the 3532 illustrated was most likely an RLL version of the better-known 20MB Lapine LT200.

Performance0.2Reliabilityno data
Data rate7.5 Mbit/secSpin rate3600 RPM
Seek time65msActuatorDual loop stepper
Platter capacity10MBInterfaceRLL
AT drive type2Form3½ inch half height
353232MB4 heads1986