hard drive history

1999: maturity

Fujitsu MPC3064AT

Photo: Red Hill.

Fujitsu MPC3064AT

Fujitsu drives never seemed to change. They got bigger, of course, and there were new model ranges from time to time which we never really noticed because they were always much the same as the old models — quiet, neither particularly reliable nor particularly unreliable, and very slow.

They always looked nice, very neat in their regulation black and silver, but we came to hate them because regardless of anything the spec sheet said they were, in reality, always slower than they had any right to be.

Fujitsu was still successfully manufacturing expensive, high-performance SCSI drives for the enterprise at this time, so it seems odd that the same firm's desktop drives should be so underwhelming.

(Looking at the models below, notice that the last two drives listed came out a little later and used higher recording density.)

Performance1.12Reliabilityno data
Data rate68 Mbit/secSpin rate5400 RPM
Claimed seek10msBuffer256k
Platter capacity3.2GBEncodingPRML
Form3½ half heightInterfaceATA-33
MPC3032AT3.2GB2 heads
MPC3043AT4.3GB3 heads
MPC3064AT6.5GB4 heads
MPC3084AT8.5GB6 heads
MPC3096AT9.7GB6 heads
MPC3102AT10.3GB6 heads